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Pessimism is the most common problem among people nowadays, the negative thoughts and feelings make it difficult for many individuals, to have a positive approach towards life.

However, have you ever thought about what happy and successful people think about? Why there is so much positivity in their lives?

The answer to these questions is not at all complicated, it’s very simple:

Happy and satisfied people have a positive approach towards life, they are clear on their goals, they know what they want and how they can achieve it.

Here are five new ways thorough, which you can use positive thinking to make the most of yourself !

Avoid Exaggerating

It’s really important that your inner voice doesn’t exaggerates, particularly exaggerating negative thoughts see like “I always eat a lot of junk food” or “I’m never goanna lose all that weight”. These are things that are exaggerated you can avoid this by rephrasing your thoughts; say things like this: “Previously I used to eat a lot of junk food, now I’m going to focus on eating healthy food”. Once you are rephrasing your thoughts positively you will automatically feel good about them and you can get your life back and in control.

Thinking Negatively – Stop Immediately

See we all are humans, we have good and bad days, we think positively and negatively. But if you are letting negative thoughts occupy too much time of your life, then try putting a halt to it. It’s very easy, let me explain, if you see a friend yelling at his girlfriend you will ask him to stop, right? Then, why you don’t do the same for yourself? Try this one you will really feel better.

Look At The Positive Side

Looking at the positive aspect of life isn’t that hard. All you have to do is be gentle and loving towards yourself, treat your own self the same way you would have treated your special one be understanding and cooperating towards your oneself as well. Forget the negative in you & bring out the positive. Maybe you are very conscious and nervous about yourself, the fear of being humiliated pulls you back from going out in social gatherings, believe me get that fear out its not you who doesn’t wants to go it’s the fear who doesn’t lets you go, once you got out a receive good comments all will be fantastic for you. Simply try to see the big picture on things.

You Blew It – Big Deal

So what if you suck at dancing or yoga or painting etc. If you blew it, go easy on yourself don’t let the negative thinking come glooming on you. Try to look at the other side of the picture your ultimate goal shouldn’t be perfection, it is a high goal to achieve don’t even think to start from there. Your main goal should be giving it the best shot, once you have given it your best shot you will feel better. Give yourself space make mistakes, its ok to make mistakes you will learn from them; if you have made a mistake don’t hold on to it, learn to forgive yourself.

Stop Being A Bully For Yourself

Stop being a bully for your own self, it’s not necessary that you achieve everything if you can’t let go of it there is no need to punish yourself. By punishing I don’t mean beating yourself, what I mean is using phrases like “I should have given my best” is just another way of punishing yourself. Let go of the past move on, if you carry the burden of past mistakes it will only make you more miserable. Remember the poem “King Bruce and The Spider” how the spider kept on trying again and again and again to build his web every time he fell down. Keep telling yourself to try again, keep trying, try as hard as you can, keep telling your subconscious that you have already achieved the goal. Remember this is the best way for positive thinking.


In order to be happy, a person simply needs to be aware of what is not so good in his way of thinking and to be willing to change. Try the two most essential qualities: self-first positive thinking and a positive attitude towards everything!

These are the two of the most significant potentials a person must have in order to make a positive change their lives.

What do you think? Is there anything else you’d like to add? If so, share it with us in the comment section!

Text by:  | Image Credit: Brandon Satterwhite

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