La adicción a los analgésicos narcóticos

Ansiolíticos Trastornos Ansiedad

La palabra adicción trae consigo prejuicios, debido a que no comprendemos por qué algunas personas se vuelven adictas y a otras no. Sin embargo, existen varios motivos por los cuales los individuos se ven envueltos en el consumo excesivo de estas sustancias cuyo propósito inicial era el ser su medicina, la cura para una enfermedad que los agobiaba previamente.

Los analg√©sicos narc√≥ticos son¬†opi√°ceos,¬†y puesto que son derivados¬†del opio,¬†poseen un alto poder adictivo. Este “poder” no solo se da debido¬†a¬†sus propiedades inductoras del sue√Īo y calmantes del dolor, sino porque estos penetran en el¬†organismo y act√ļan en el cerebro r√°pidamente1 fij√°ndose a varios de sus receptores.

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How to see the bright side in 10 Common Situations

I am by no means a positive person (at least I think I am not). However, people tend to see me as the one who always sees the better half of things. The usual approach to any problem in life is key to happiness and therefore, seeing the bright side (even if it’s not as bright as one might imagine) helps me cope in finding solutions and moving on.

So here is a list of things that can help you too see things in a new light and maybe improve, even slightly, your life.

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A 10 Steps Journey for Self-acceptance and Happiness

10 steps self-acceptance and happiness

Self-acceptance is a lifetime journey that allows you to STOP trying to change yourself into the person you’re not and at the same time discovering the real and beautiful you.

Regardless of how your journey began, once it started, self-acceptance brings you lots of transformations, both emotional and physical, and indeed the result is true happiness.

After thinking about this for a while and doing some research, I’ve tried to create a ten simple steps journey of self-acceptance for you, which starts right now if you decide to accept the challenge!

First of all, answer this simple question that most of us can’t answer that quickly:

Do you accept yourself as you are?

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Learn 5 New Ways of Positive Thinking That Will Help You Make The Most Of Yourself

Pessimism is the most common problem among people nowadays, the negative thoughts and feelings make it difficult for many individuals, to have a positive approach towards life.

However, have you ever thought about what happy and successful people think about? Why there is so much positivity in their lives?

The answer to these questions is not at all complicated, it’s very simple:

Happy and satisfied people have a positive approach towards life, they are clear on their goals, they know what they want and how they can achieve it.

Here are five new ways thorough, which you can use positive thinking to make the most of yourself !

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