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You just woke up and its 7am. It’s a bright and sunny day but you don’t want to get out of bed. There are days when you feel like this – you don’t want to do anything! You are not tired, but it seems that you have lost interest in the things you loved doing. It has been months since you felt truly happy and you wish what you feel right now will stop.

1 out of 10 people experience depression in their lives. People who are prone to depression are experiencing situations like unemployment, death of a loved one, just recently married or divorced, or are experiencing setbacks way too stressful to psychologically cope.

Here are 10 simple, proactive ways you can do to take charge of your depression before it gets out of hand.

1. Know the cause of your depression and do something about it.

Instead of sulking in the dark, assess and see if you can think of a solution to your problem. Talk to yourself and dig deeper what are the ways you can solve what is causing your depression. Knowing the cause can help you think of a solution. It is a proactive way to assess and solve the problem.

2. Make a diary of thoughts.

Journaling what you feel is also a form of releasing positive and negative emotions. Keeping a diary of what you feel helps you assess (if you do this regularly), what is causing your feelings of depression. Later on, this can help you create your solution.

3. Pray or meditate.

Prayer and meditation helps us interact with the Supreme Being beyond thinking and understanding. It is an attempt to search for divine intervention comparable to seeking refuge to a friend. Prayers do move mountains and having a strong spiritual belief is an invisible shoulder you can rely on.

4. Talk to a friend.

Negative emotions or thoughts should be released or expressed. Nothing beats a listening and understanding ear. Your friend may not offer the best advice to your problem but his or her act of active listening by simply being with you at the moment you need a friend can make you feel better.

5. Create your own “stop worrying” or positivity mantra.

Creating your mantra can redirect you to the correct mindset of dealing with your situation.It may be something like this: “If I have experienced and overcame the worse setbacks in my life, I can deal with these too.” “Worrying can do nothing but only steal the beauty and good in my life.” “Instead of worrying, I should do something about it and pray.” Every time you feel blue, remember and think about your mantra. If it helps that you say it out loud, do so.

6. Do something you love.

Whether it is painting, photography, cooking or listening to music – the important thing is that you are creating an outlet for you to express yourself – and what you are feeling at that moment. Positive and negative feelings are released and without you noticing it, you feel better afterwards. You feel accomplished and you feel a brand new you. This is the beauty of creative expression.

7. Be hopeful and think positive.

This is an old school or common advice but it always does its wonders. Sometimes, it’s not the problem or situation, but it boils down to the attitude we have on how we handle the situation we are in. If we are hopeful or we think we can do or overcome something, all the more we can achieve it. It’s having a positive mindset that sets us apart from the crowd.

8. Exercise.

Choose your pick – you may like zumba, yoga, or just plain running. This is a physical form of releasing, expressing or catharsis. (Catharsis is releasing anxiety and tension into consciousness.) After exercise, you feel good and your body releases endorphins (the happy hormone that provides an analgesic effect). Exercise works two ways: it helps keep your body fit and your mind too.

9. Have a massage.

Have a warm bath and massage. It can help relax and soothe your tired self. If you have trouble sleeping, a massage can help fix your insomnia and regulate lost sleeping habits.

10. Affirm yourself that everything will be alright.

Everything in this world – good or bad happens for a reason. Sometimes, all we need is time to heal. Having a calm and positive mindset can help us think and act clearly. We also need self-affirmations that in the right time, everything will fall into place, and it will be okay.

You may have other coping ways to relieve your depression, share it and be heard to help improve this article!

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    • Thank you Ann! I’m glad you liked it, and I’m sure you are more than capable of improving your life, changing what you feel you need to change and make the best our of your current situation. Realising this is a good step. If you find it hard to do it your own, I’d recommend you to see a therapist, it will also help you a lot with this process. Have an awesome day wherever you are. Greetings from Ecuador!

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